Chainsaw-related sites

A Visit to the Film Locations

Tim Harden’s site is simply the best Chainsaw site I know of. If there is anything you want to know about the movie, where it was filmed, or the people involved, check here first. Then bookmark it.

Texas Chainsaw Tours

When you’re ready to tour these locations, talk to Tim again. He’ll take you there. And back.

Gunnar Hansen: The Man Behind the Mask

This is an unofficial Gunnar Hansen website. Give it a look-see, as we say in Texas.

Some favorite sites

No, I won’t apologize for the Melville.

Chainsaw Sally (old link)

Okay, okay. You gotta check out this site. Chainsaw Sally is the greatest. She’s funny, interesting, and hot! And she’s a Chainsaw fan. Can’t beat that.

Chainsaw Sally

Mike Baronas’s G.A.S.P.etc

G.A.S.P.etc is a Mike Baronas’s baby. (Well, other than his great kids.) If youre into horror or heavy metal, yer gonna want to take a look. Mike is also known as Stunt Gunnar.


Carel Struycken

Of course we all know Carel as Lurch from the Addams Family movies. And he’s also appeared in such movies as Witches of Eastwick and Men in Black, as well as in countless episodes of Twin Peaks and Star Trek. But, among other things, Carel is also a composer and writer. Check out the website of this very interesting man.

Carel Struycken

Autograph World

JD Bardwell is a friend of mine, and a top-rate autograph dealer. If you want authentic autographs, buy them here.

Scott Eggleston Studio

Scott is a make-up effects artist, and so much more. We worked together at several haunted houses.

Scott Eggleston

The Thoreau Society

If you gotta simplfy your life, this is the guy to read.

The Melville Society (old link)

If you gotta read, this is the guy to read.